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Join the Coalition of Michigan Faith Leaders Speaking out Against Discrimination

As faith leaders, we believe we must do everything in our power to make sure that Michigan is a safe place to live, work, and raise a family for all people, including members of the LGBTQ community. That’s why we are calling on our elected leaders to pass comprehensive nondiscrimination protections, updating our state’s existing laws to protect LGBTQ Michiganders from discrimination in employment, housing, and public spaces.


Our campaign plans to outreach to people from LGBTQ communities through national and local partners.


Citizen initiative would prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ people

Business, political and philanthropic leaders join LGBTQ advocacy groups to proclaim: Every Michigander should have an equal chance to succeed

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This summer, Stabenow met on Zoom with the heads of four LGBTQ+ centers in Michigan and Reverand Dr. Roland Stringfellow to discuss passage of the Equality Act. While a law like the Equality Act is DOA with Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump in power, it could become reality if Democrats win back the Senate and White House.

"You can count on me to keep pushing until we get this done," says the senator.

Watch Stabenow's encouraging words in the video, produced by the group Freedom for all Americans, below.


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