Get Out The Vote

We will make special outreach to women, young voters, people of color, single mothers and returning citizens. By working to Get Out the Vote, people of faith will be living their values in democracy and our respect for the dignity of people. The campaign will focus its work on activities that can be accomplished by volunteer activists from the safety of their homes.

These activities will include on-line training about how to volunteer to do GOTV action and to educate volunteers and the public about issues that matter in the 2020 election. These on-line trainings will include:

· On-line voter registration.

· On-line requesting to be put on absentee ballot lists;

· Phone banking;

· Communicating through social media, e.g., and church newsletters;

· Organizing zoom calls to educate people about issues that matter to people of faith;

· Informing people about their voting rights and alerting them to voter suppression; and

· Providing other training to volunteers

Organizers are being hired to provide training and support for congregational and community volunteers. We would welcome input from our faith and non-faith activists. For more information, you may call or email the Interfaith GOTV Campaign Manager, Sharon Pedersen, at 517-740-2629 (

Together, we can do great things.