Fair and Equal Michigan

Help the Fair & Equal Campaign to Push for LGBTQ Rights in Michigan

Randy Block, MSW, MUUSJN Director; Inclusive Justice Board Member

GOOD NEWS! The Fair and Equal Michigan campaign has almost reached its goal of collecting 460,000 signatures by October 3rd to amend the Elliot Larsen Civil Rights Act to bring LGBTQ rights for employment, housing, and public accommodations to Michigan members of the LGBTQ communities! The campaign has 230 paid canvassers and 3,000 volunteers collecting signatures. They have 4,453 people engaged in social media posts.

THE CHALLENGE: The Campaign has raised $2.5 million and obtained pledges for another $167,000. They still need help in raising another $137,000. Please consider making a generous contribution to the Fair and Equal Campaign by clicking HERE HELP MAKE HISTORY WITH YOUR SUPPORT.

WHAT’S HAPPENING? When Fair and Equal submits its signatures, the citizens’ bill will move to the legislature in 40 days. If they don’t act, it will go on the next General Election ballot in 2022.

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