What are the issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people and their families in Michigan?Equality Michigan provides excellent explanations of the issues in Michigan including discrimination, safe schools, health care, hate violence HIV/AIDS, parenting, immigration, marriage and defamation.

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What’s happening in Michigan about workplace and housing discrimination?

In Michigan you can be fired just for being gay? Really!

Learn more from the Unity Michigan Coalitions website, Don’t Change Yourself: Change the Law.

The Unity Michigan Coalition includes the ACLU of Michigan, Affirmations, Equality Michigan, KICK, the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion, and the Ruth Ellis Center.

Case Studies

Bringing the power of people of faith when issues affecting LGBT community are at stake in Michigan

Advocacy is one of Inclusive Justice’s (IJ) goals. This faith coalition seeks to support policies that promote the rights and dignity of LGBT people and their families, and challenge those policies which undermine these rights. We seek to work as partners with all pro-equality organizations in Michigan. IJ Board members, Joan Burleigh, a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ann Arbor, and Randy Block, Director of the Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network (MUUSJN), have served as point persons for this IJ advocacy work.

On December 3, 2012, Equality Michigan issued an action alert about HB 5763 and HB 5764, legislation that would allow faith based adoption agencies the right to discriminate against adoptive parents based on their religious or moral values. One of the unwritten messages of this legislation was that it should be legal to make it more difficult for loving, responsible gay couples to adopt children.

Randy issued an action alert to his statewide network of 1,300 faith activists that urged them to contact their State Representatives to vote NO on House Bills 57 and 58. This alert was forwarded to IJ Board members who were invited to forward it to their faith networks. MUUSJN, the ACLU, Equality Michigan, ministers and other groups testified in opposition to this destructive legislation.

The bills were defeated in the House of Representatives thanks, in part, to people of faith who stood up for gay families in Michigan.

A key reason for advocacy effectiveness is that IJ partnered with secular and faith based LGBT advocacy organizations. IJ facilitates the power of people of faith to weigh in when moral issues are at stake in the Michigan legislature.